Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Outdoor Christmas decoration

I combined two days for 12 days of Christmas DIY challenges. Day #5 was to make something you find from your shed and day #7 was to use something from your garden.

First something from the shed:

Plastic flower pot from the summer and piece of chicken wire. 

Cut the wire to desired size, preferably something a bit bigger than the pot.

Fold the wire so that it fits inside the pot. It is supposed to stand in the pot and come close to the top edge of the pot. I left couple centimetres from the the top edge.

Then something from the garden:

Different twigs and some cones. If you are working with the twigs inside, be fast especially if the temparature is low outside. If the twigs are frozen and they melt, they will drop all they needles much faster than if they stay cold through the process.

Start adding the twigs and cones to the pot, add the cones and you are done!

Superfast to make, you can use any pot you happen to find and make easily many different variations. And if you like, you can add some decorations too. I just happen to like "plain" style. 

Maybe I will add some outdoor lights on it before hanging it to our front door though. Otherwise no one will be seeing it much as we have sunshine only about 7 hours at this moment and it keeps getting darker for a while.

Good thing I saved the hanging flower pot, now I have my own hanging outdoor Christmas decoration!


  1. What a lovely arrangement that cost you nothing to make. Adding the chicken wire is a great way to make the branches stand as you want.

    1. Thanks Pam. :) It's a great feeling when you start looking for something and you don't actually know what that "something" is and then you find and everything sort of clicks together. I have never thought of using wire like this, I just found it and then the flower pot. :D

  2. I am so stealing this idea! The chicken wire part is genius.

    I saw your comment on Pam's blog and thought I would stop to see your blog. It's lovely! I didn't see a link to get the new posts by email. Am I just missing it?

    1. Welcome to visit, glad to see you enjoyed. The link to follow by email is on the very bottom of the page, should find it there, if not, let me know! :) I also checked your blog and it looks interesting too!