Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Some beautiful landscape

We had quite a drive last weekend - four hours drive, twice of course. Dry erase books were in good use again!

On Sunday the trip back seemed quite long, we only stopped to have ice creams and coffee and then were almost at home when it was apparent that the kids just couldn't sit still for the last half an hour. We were in middle of nowhere, definitely no play ground for the kids or coffee for the adults on fancy service station.

But what you have in middle of nowhere is sometimes better, much better than those service stations that look the same all over the country. No surprises when you stop on one near home or after driving that four hours.

There is one great looking bridge that half an hour from our home and close to that bridge we spotted sign for parking place. Those parking places usually look like big bus stops but every now and then there is something more. This was one of those. First we had to turn right and had to drive some hundreds of meters back.

There was nothing fancy just broken, decayed table. But the place! You could see the cars going over the bridge but they didn't see us. We could even let our dog out without leash, something he definitely liked.

Juice boxes for the kids, viewing the landscape for adults. What else do you need for a short stop? Maybe the coffee though...

After that the last half an hour was much easier than without the stop. It was well worth it. :)

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