Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Upcyclelina featured and other things worth to mention

It has been a long break, too long in my opinion. Certainly longer than I expected. I had flu that turned out to be longer than I usually have. Usually it is couple days and everything is back to normal but now it took several days. After that our daughter fell sick, stomach ache, the kind where you throw up as soon as you have swallowed a teaspoon of water. Not very nice. That certainly kept me occupied but luckily no one else got it.

Even though I haven't been sewing that much, I still have tried to be active in the internet at least. Upcyclelina was featured twice in Pinbellish pin party at Purfylle here and here. Also Sew Can do featured my worry eater in Craftastic Monday Link Party here. Thank you very much!

While surfing, I found a great collection of ideas to upcycle clothes. Jill at Creating my way to succes has been collecting ideas for a long time and she has an ongoing link party where anyone can link their ideas for upcycling clothes. I added couple and I think the collection is around 700 now! The collection can be found here.

Have you checked Upcyclelina on Facebook yet? I have a new folder there about second hand store finds. Go and have a look! The folder is here.

There is also a new group board in Pinterest called "Suomalaiset käsityöblogit" (Finnish handcraft blogs) and there you can find exactly what the title says. If you are a Finnish handcrafter you can join the group board, instructions on the group board description. If you aren't a Finn but interested about what we do here up north, join as a follower! I know, the blogs are usually in Finnish, but they are a great place for inspiration anyway. The group board is here.

I also noticed that I'm running out pretty much everything. Thread, needles, chalk and even my seam ripper didn't seem to work as well as I thought it should. Even though I like to use old things again, I like my tools to be up to date, scissors etc. I don't compromise with. And there is no denying the satisfaction when you open a package full of new things. Especially when you have paid it already, it is like having a present, right?

Quite boring package actually but everything is what I need! I'm actually quite proud that I managed to order only the ones I needed and nothing more. Chalk powder to fill my chalk roller, threads (new type for testing, seems to be worth its price), needles, needles and needles, seam ripper, pink chalk pencil (when I can't use white chalk) and... Wonder clips! Those I have been wanting for a long time and finally I have them and what little I used them today, they are well worth their price, much better in many places than needles are. And seam ripper, it was definitely worth to spend couple euros for it... The ones I have are something like 10 years old and apparently they aren't that sharp anymore. I started suspecting that much when I had to pull to cut the thread before it broke. You don't need to actually use force with it, it should work just like that! And, you know the feeling when you realize just how bad something was once you have replaced it with something new? Yep, happened to me. The new seam ripper worked so well that I felt almost stupid for not buying new one earlier...

An actual post about making something should be here shortly too.


  1. I love the feeling of opening a new packet! It is like opening a present. I also love that feeling of using every last bit of something up too. New seam rippers are a joy aren't they? Thank you so much for the mention =D

    1. You are right! Even if you paid for it yourself but who remembers that when opening it? :D New seam ripper is indeed a joy, especially with upcycling fabrics, you need it almost as often as scissors...

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