Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sewing dictionary English - Finnish

I write this blog in English while living in Finland and at the moment most of my readers are from Finland so I decided it is only fair to include some kind of a dictionary. It is mainly for my Finnish readers' benefit and meant to help translate texts in English to Finnish. The dictionary is free to use so if you have readers from Finland or think you want some, you are welcome to use my dictionary and in that case it would be nice to link back to my blog. The dictionary has its own page so it always easy to find and it is here.

Like I mentioned previously, the summer seems to be here, or at least it was. The temperatures dropped after writing that but I hope they will be back up soon. So what I have been doing is design the beach bag I mentioned and also some small things to make the summer holiday car trips easier with two kids. I have dedicated own board in Pinterest for this: The ideas there aren't of course all upcycled (the car tray includes buying a new cookie sheet, for example) but I have an idea, few actually, that I'm thinking to do out of upcycled materials.

I also decided to prepare for the coming summer by making new, colourful clothes for my kids. I thought that it would be great to just cut a whole bunch of them and then sew them at one go. Nice idea but drawing and cutting the patterns, choosing the fabrics and cutting the fabrics for 5 leggingses 4 shirts (of which 1 has button list, one is a top made out of scrap fabrics, two basic shirts) and two summer dresses takes some time!

Yes, they are new fabric and because of that won't get much picture time here. One dress is combined new fabric and upcycled and like mentioned above, one top is out of scrap fabrics, those will most likely show here too. 

I also happened to get some kind of flu somewhere, very annoying and quite typical type for me. No fever, hardly any sneezing or coughing but I'm tired as I would have 40C fever! I try to convince me that I can sew later and rest now but it isn't always working so well. Today I gave up though, after spending couple hours working with that pile, I slept another couple hours. Luckily my "flues" don't usually take that long, couple days quite often but when you think what you could be doing with that time, it is frustrating.

I hope I will be better soon and actually show you something else than just a pile of fabrics cut ready to sew...


  1. I spent weeks not being able to do any crafting because of a shoulder problem and just as it was improving I got the flu. I know just how frustrated you feel! Don't worry all that fabric will still be waiting for you.

    1. Oh, that must have been very annoying! Hopefully you are better now. :)